Zombie Health Insurance

I guess it’s a treat, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” everyone… and thanks for following all this nonsense…more ghouls and vampires coming up.

Do you think zombies should have health insurance? What kind of premiums should dead people pay? Is being dead a preexisting condition? Now, that’s a worthwhile debate isn’t it? Anyway, I had this particular cartoon drawn a while ago and right at the height of this summer’s tea-party’s exuberation (this word is not in the dictionary?) but I’d decided to wait for Halloween. I was planning to have a Halloween special to peak this nonsense… and this zombie cartoon was just perfect for it. As the healthcare debate got more civil and into substance I’ve started to feel that the punchline and emphasis of the cartoon was diminishing. That is, until the tea-baggers (and I’m restraining the best I can not to make a joke about the “other meaning” for “teabagging”) decided to go at it again…thus the “DIE-HARD” as a title came up. Like zombies are hard to kill, right? So the new title seems to make it even better. Things are looking up…and again, more ghouls and vampires coming up. 

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