The Health Scare Debate

Often enough the idea for reactionaries is to make things as confusing and as annoying as possible. Like blow a fuse in people’s heads so that you can feed them angry stuff. But that’s just mean and uncivilized, it’s reactionary, it does not build but destroys. As per the picture above, why is it that being “progressive” is such a scary concept for “regressive” people? Frankly I do not get it (except at the raw organism level) since all the progressive things that have come to be are for the benefit of everyone and have made the greatest difference in the human experience on earth (including the reactionaries with the angry gene). So what are we suppose to do, give it all up and go back to the stone-age? Of course not. I can picture the angry debate about the evils of fire (I should do a blogtoon on that one) almost as clearly as the debate about gene splicing. Interesting…

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