Another Day at the Circus

When ego -and money- trumps conscience. Another great performance by Fox Entertainment-news master clown. Stay tuned as this is not over yet. There’s a lot more of it, and a lot crazier shit to be said. Lets face it, hate and bigotry sells. Someone at the network was smart enough (and mind you it’s for money and ratings) to come up with the HATE CHANNEL idea to cater to the angry (gene) people and it works. They get a loyal audience and when you keep making bad noise -no matter how stupid or crazy- eventually everything becomes bad noise. With Clinton, at least (maybe because he was white?) they waited until the second term before they really when at it. There are no breaks or benefit of the doubt with Obama (maybe because he’s black?). They are starting early and they are going all out. Sad, really that it is just about destruction and ratings rather than about people and country. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”… or is it the other way around? “Ask not what you can do for country but what your country can do for you”…never mind.

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