Star War's Jabba The Hutt

Star-ing Rush Limbaugh as Jabba the Bloob. Yeah, it’s like a Star Wars soap-opera episode (soo easy to come up with this stuff). Sensible people tend to get cut in the “it’s crazy” or “it doesn’t make sense” argument (and it is, and it doesn’t), but need to realize (quickly perhaps) that to the “angry’s” it does not have to make sense, as it is not about the words, or the logic (as there’s none), but about the venom in those words. Lets face it (according to the angry gene theory), there are people out there with a pathological need to be angry. And these twisted entertainers have simply found their niche (and they are very good at making “crap” smell and taste like chicken). They are good at keeping them angry (their natural stage), and like Star Wars episodes, their audience can’t wait for the fix of the next episode. Can’t wait to hear what new and crazy stuff these crazy entertainers will say that day to keep them angry. Or make them angrier perhaps, and angrier and, and angrier…(To be continued?)…

Sure it is all primal and tribal stuff and it is more accentuated now because of the economic pressures but isn’t this the stuff we’re suppose to have evolved from? Hmm…well, maybe we’re still in the process. Oh, “evolution,” but that’s another full chapter in this context isn’t it (maybe another day)?

So I ask myself with some degree of fear, is this just a bad episode? When -and how- would this star wars saga end? 

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