Friday The 13th

Its not friday and its not the 13th but may as well be because with Sarah “Jason” Palin, everyday is Friday the 13th…

Oh, and the American flag in the lapel thingy… what? Just “don’t leave home without it”? If you’re in the business of fear mongering and like “Jason Voorhees” (Friday the 13th, but in politics) terrorizing people or “Palin-out” consternating your country, just don’t forget to wear an American flag in your lapel. Oh and don’t worry if that’s not big enough to cover the offense. Just “misuse” a BIG American flag as a backdrop. The bigger the flag, the bigger the offense you can get away with…seriously.

This cartoon was about the election massacres in the Republican Party with the measuring up to the tea-baggers standards of purity…but this flag thing kind of tips the scale on the bigger picture. I’m for one sick of it…it feels like the “thou shall not take the Name of thy God in vain” thing. Honestly, it’s too much and in an honest and serious way it’s offensive to the depth and dignity of the idea of our country… and actually a very dangerous road to travel. Is Sarah Palin’s idea of what defines an American is now going to be the standard? She actually goes at it in her book…saying something to the extent that “everyone in America” should wear one…now that’s a much scarier idea than Friday the 13th, isn’t it?

Besides I don’t know about you but I keep thinking of her as a Canadian…it does not make any sense (wishful thinking perhaps) and I know my geography but I fancy to think that Alaska is more Canada than it is USA. No offense to anyone, Canadian or Alaskan (just kidding of course)…maybe it’s just too cold up there to think straight.
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