Special Olympics

Just because someone opens their mouth does not mean that they are saying anything. This whole “real American” thing is quite a tickle. We are all American (duh), and last time I checked we were all real (extraterrestrials included). When it’s the last time that you had the need to say, “hey stranger, I’m a real american?” Be weary of these MOTARDS (motivated retards) who have the (-pathological-) need to stand in front of a big American flag and tell you (everyone else) that you are not as American as they are. Don’t chicken out, stand your ground and do not be intimidated, you are a “real American”. To be a citizen and an American is not something that can be parsed… but, if for the sake of argument, we were to follow their own logic, then won’t you say that anyone who will be happy (rather gleeful) to have their own country lose the bid for the olympics should be considered anti-American… like not a “real American” right? So where’s the logic? Oh, I get it… logic does not apply to crazy people.

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