Bowing? Who's Bowing?!

Just in case you may have missed on the AP news picture that propped the cartoon, the real picture shows the president actually bowing to the emperor of Japan as proper diplomatic protocol will indicate. And as usual of course all the “usual suspects” jumped at the opportunity to call into question “again” the president’s and our country’s “standing” in the world (which always begs the question of compared to what?). Personally I would agree that bowing to an emperor of a long forgotten era (and never mind the history) seems out of place and straight out silly but then again, I’m not in charge of anything so I trust that our president -along with the previous ones- know better in these matters.

I saw the graphic joke straight away. In reality, our president happens to be a pretty tall guy and the emperor quite tiny… so I slightly changed the camera angle, lifted the presidents head just a little and put his left hand on top of the head of the emperor… and just started laughing. I would like to make clear however that even though as a cartoonist I would consider myself and “equal opportunity offender” (if it’s funny it goes) that there’s no intent to make fun of the Japanese as a people but most definitely no apologies in making fun of the emperor… (and what a yoga bow that was I may add… as per how straight the president’s legs are and how low he had to go below the emperor’s head).

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