Have you been Naughty?


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Don Quijote

I’m a conservative?
But what does it mean? From time to time I have asked my conservative friends, especially when they start to make disgruntled noises (moaning), to qualify (quantify) what does being a conservative mean? What is it? Like, in concrete terms what is it? I get the standard answer: less government, less taxes, right to bear arms, etc and that’s about it, nothing specific, applicable or tangible…

Well, after this whole healthcare debacle I finally got it. I was looking for symptoms and issues rather than looking at the core (the affliction), and now it all make sense. Given my “liberally mavericky” ways of daring to have a social conscience I’ve dared to have an expectation of at least basic fairness and common practical sense (never mind social justice) in healthcare reform and of course it was a disappointment. I was sitting there thinking, 'how can things be this way?' Is there any social conscience of any kind? Is it just about money and power… me and screw you?

It kind of works this way - imagine the Wild West, two cowboys traveling in the desert, a rattlesnake bites one of the cowboy's horse and (through no fault of his own) the horse tosses him over and he breaks his neck. Both are sitting there (horse and the cowboy) in pain, unable to do anything and asking for help. So this is the deal, the other guy friend, if he’s a conservative, will simply say, “tough luck, it could have happened to me… but it didn’t.”  If he’s a “compassionate conservative” he will shoot the horse (to put it out its misery) but most likely take all his friend’s stuff get on his way and leave his friend to die (and if he's very very compassionate shoot his friend as well). Basically (and I’m serious) the moment you get sick and ask for help at that moment –no matter how responsible or how much of a contributor to society you have been- you’re not an American anymore. You are not a good American, you’re unpatriotic, and you do not love your country (I'm serious still). If you simply try to “think ahead” and make it equitable, compassionate or even just practical and civilized then you’re a socialist and that's it, nothing in between (and that’s what they are saying, at the top of their lungs). I thought that they were crazy but they are not, they are just cowboys, they want to live –and die- in the Wild West. It’s simple, if you have a social conscience you’re a social-ist, if you have no conscience then you’re a conservative.