"Frankly" Speaking...

Oh, no the sky is falling!! Do they mean that the sky is falling again? “Democrats” are now running around all panicky and feeling destitute about losing the 60-vote filibuster proof majority… yeah, like they had it just before and look what happened. I mean seriously, what’s the difference? In my mind the “wake up call” had already come when we all came to realize that “special interest” and “money” rule above all. We saw the very democratic majority we thought we had elected (the mandate) to effectuate “change we can believe in” being the ones who most effectively blocked and derailed healthcare reform. It seems like unless you take “cold cash” (like the kind you hide in the freezer) as a bribe you can get away with it like in the case of Joe “the snake” Lieberman (to mention just one snake). I’m in no particular mood to sound “activist-like”; I don’t like it but these are such basic things and they are actually as bad as they sound. It’s like a comic book out there, and once again, reality is crazier than fiction.

“Frankly” speaking, what the voters in Massachusetts actually said is “We already have insurance so screw you”. I mean really, as much as they like to complain about it, they are all covered and of course they where not voting to take out “their own” health insurance but just for the rest not to have it. And it makes sense on the basics of course, why pay “additional taxes” to cover everyone else when you’re already covered? I mean really, and that’s the bigger irony aside from the other irony that it was Ted Kennedy’s very own seat. What are the odds that all of that would come together, right at this junction of the debate? And no “God” has nothing to do with it; and no, there’s no message to Washington; and no, the “republicans” have not been proved right in any front. And let’s not be masochistic either. If the democrats, obstructions or not (and this is not child’s play), have shown that they cannot govern effectively… that should not mean that we should now re-elect the assholes that fucked it –and continue to fuck it all up in the first place.

So now what? Well for starters if the only shameless philosophy in Washington is going to be about winning or losing rather that the common good (or the serving the people thingy) then the “democrats” are going to have to play hardball (and it’s about time). One thing that the republicans got right (if that’s the game that in the end we all have to play) is that they have no conscience. The guidelines for being a prick are easy to follow and apparently they work. Shame on us of course but when it comes to doing the work of the people why not be an asshole? I mean really what’s there to lose? And what’s the point of running around all “sensitive” and afraid of everything? If you are going to lose either way, why not at least get something good done; something that generations afterward would appreciate. The means to an end thing. And why not play by their rules, the cause is good and they are not playing by ours anyway. I can live with being an asshole for a good cause, Can you?

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