Frankly Speaking... KRAASHH!!

In practical terms the bill now being considered may be too big and twisted (after all the bizarre deal making who really knows what’s there and how it would affect us) that we may be better off passing bits and pieces of it (up and down votes). At a minimum they should pass a basic “patient bill of rights” and get rid of the preexisting condition and dumping customers when they get sick. These are not –or shouldn’t be- legislative issues (like what’s there to negotiate and/or with whom?) but of basic principals of law and fairness. These are basic rules and laws most people would agree on. We can all be cowboys all we want, but even in the Wild West there was “the law” to protect the “law abiding majority” against those who, rather than making it on their own prayed on the others. And back then they used to “hang” horse thieves.

We’ll see what happens in the end (and there are many people of conscience on capital hill). But if we all finally came to the conclusion that Washington is “completely” screwed up, corrupted and useless, then we’ll perhaps see something else emerging. Grass-root technology-enabled initiatives to get around “government” and take advantage of the immense business opportunities that will emerge within the default of government. We’re in many ways on our way there already (we’ll see what happens with Google vs China in the long run). All that is needed is this kind of “additional motivation”. The opportunities may be enormous; we’re resilient and innovative. After all, this is America and there’s plenty of socially conscientious entrepreneurial-spirit to go around.

Young minds and the technology they dominate had made a difference in the past election… but stopped short by thinking that someone as smart and noble as Obama may make the difference. So maybe it is not possible to change Washington, but maybe we don’t need to. Maybe it's time for a real change, a change we can believe in and actually do something about it.

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