Dumb but not Stupid.

I had this cartoon finished way back when we were going rogue with Sarah right after her book came out. It was meant to go after the “cavewoman” Geico-like commercial. I figured back then that she will end up with a “Jerry Springer” -like show of her own. Well same thing, she ended up at Fox… the prediction still works. Anyway, this is what I wrote…

I guess that in the end Sarah wins… and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. She, like any other red-blooded American is just cashing in on the “lottery ticket” she won after being picked up as the VP for the GOP “ticket”. It’s always about the money (just follow the money trail). She may be ignorant, but she's not stupid (she's taking a ride on "everybody" including the teabaggers). Let me guess the conversation around the kitchen table back in Alaska. Let’s see, shall I serve the people, actually work for a living, do all the homework and study to catch up with everything I have never paid attention to… and then get scrutinized by peons, accused of ethical violations, misconduct and not be able to cash in for fear of scrutiny or maybe even facing some kind of legal prosecution? Hmmm, Or simply quit, make millions, become a stupid celebrity and not work for another day in your life? Tough decision, ha? Anyway, she’s just doing what any “hockey mom” would do… and after all, this is America, right? Nothing wrong with making money.

No worries, though. She will never get elected to a public office of any kind and she knows that… and of course she does not want to either (and we all know that). She will never survive it; she’s not capable. After all, she was responsible for the loss of the election for McCain… or would have IF he actually had a chance. The loser and the big time idiot here is McCain. The old man simply had a “senior moment” and single-handedly shot himself and his own “Country First” motto right in the foot. Was America ready for an African American president or did McCain’s screw-ups just tip it over? Probably not, but one wonders what would have happened if McCain would have provided some people a better excuse by choosing better (just anyone else). Anyway, we’ll never know of course… but in any case we should be grateful to her because she made it impossible for it to go any other way… thanks Sarah.

As per Sarah, more power to her… she’ll cash in for a few more years, get caught in some scandal and end up pissing off the base or just fade away as she should... and then some other political bimbo will take over her “crown” (Miss California?) and that will be that…

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