Dick's Legacy

Okay, okay!! We get it!! Scorched earth politics, just do anything and everything to defeat your enemy and make them fail at any cost. Nothing is sacred, not even your nation’s security, all that matters is to defeat your enemy and win power; which begs the question (time and again) and then what?

In the end of the day Dick Cheney is nothing more than an irrelevant out of power megalomaniac (egomaniac) with a book coming out. And as far as his legacy is concerned it’s a done deal, history is pretty astute, and he cannot change –no matter what- that 911 happen on his watch and that there were no WMD found in Iraq (among other things).

It is time perhaps for us -and the liberal media that feed into it- to IGNORE Dick and the rest of the scorched earth lunatics and move on to a more responsible and relevant discussion. Don’t fall for the tactics of distraction which more often than not come from the most likely places (have you noticed the price of gas lately?) and spend your energy on something that matters and makes a real difference (but don’t be apathetic in the next round of elections and act on your rightful indignation in the election booth). And just leave the lunatics for the comedians where they belong.

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