Political Bimbo

CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR A FULL ANIMATED EFFECT. Okay, with all do respect to women and only as it pertains to politics, Sarah Palin is not that much more than a “political bimbo.” Can someone please point out to me what else is going on here? What are her qualities? What public good or purpose can she possibly serve? Let me put it this way, “She’s NO Eleanor Roosevelt.” Yes this cartoon is sexist…we’re going rogue and making an exception for her but it is intentionally sexist mostly to make the point. Ask yourself, would she be a phenomenon of any kind among conservatives if she were overweight, old and/or ugly? Duh, so if you’re cute and talk dirty you can have a future in politics (to some even the presidency)? So how twisted, ugly and sexist is that? And besides, she’s exploiting it to the max…making money...and pointing fingers “back” on top of that. This is just nothing more (and nothing less) than a form of political porn and “political masturbation” for repressed minds...what else? One thing is good though, she has actually helped advance the women’s cause...you can safely say now that “woman are just as capable of being as stupid and vile as men”. Thanks again Sarah for the opportunity to try to make sense out of total nonsense. And yes thanks to her, reality has now become "officially" crazier -and funnier- than fiction. If you disagree or have a reasonable less “crazy” angle please enlighten me, I’m always willing to stand corrected.

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  1. This is GREAT.....Now if you can do a "Become a Fan" for Facebook, called "Sarah is a Bimbo" - I'll SIGN UP !!!!