American Foreign Policy


CLICK ON THE PICTURE (and then the buttons) TO GET THE FULL INTERACTIVE EFFECT. Foreign policy it’s a little like a Rubik’s cube, to solve the puzzle requires careful thought, patience, strategy and foresight. Acting “emotionally," on impulse and without thinking tends to –like in the cube itself- mess things up and harder to resolve. You can’t really solve it either with a one face at the time narrow approach, and for those of you who have done it, you know how easy it is to mess one face up (color or country) while trying to get another face together. As you know the puzzle is not easy, but it is solvable; and of course there’s a method to it. Even so, it is a long, comprehensive, thoughtful, and systematic method that requires smarts, patience and foresight. Being decisive and invading Iraq when it was not even in the “defeating terrorism” puzzle messed things up with Iran, left Afghanistan open and made Al-Qaeda stronger. Bush -even if he was well intentioned- took the narrow approach and perhaps solved the Iraq face (time will tell), except that Iraq was not even in the cube's puzzle to start with; and Bush was at the top of his game. Not that it's going to happen but one can only imagine what a Sarah Palin would do after a couple of tries at the puzzle, and once she reaches the edge of her “mavericky” brain capacity...and then she goes for the bible; to show her "the path." BBRRRGGGHHH!!!

Who knows, maybe it takes a “dithered” -think before you act and all the way though- approach to solve it? Maybe, of course but it is worth a try...although only time will tell...

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  1. Hi Pepe, I found this Rubiks Cube excellent