AMERICA'S MOST WANTED: John "The Prick" Boehner

Who elects these people anyway? If the likes of John Boehner and Michelle Bachman (just to mention a couple of shameless nut cases) actually get elected by vote and by the people... one is left to wonder what do the people they represent and vote for them look like. In other words, if this are the sane and "responsible" ones, what are the ones that elect them like? I can see Michelle been elected by the patients at the asylum she comes from. What state is she from again? Kind of scary if you think about it... planning a vacation in country anytime soon?

While I was making this caricature of John Boehner I kept feeling that it looked like someone very familiar and peculiar. It just hit me when I saw it posted... remember Fantasy Island? Does he look like Tattoo or what? Or is it more like Billy Bob Thornton, What do you think?

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