The day after Thanksgiving (crime scene)

I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY. As per the cartoon it may seem like a premature death announcement to a healthcare reform bill but it is more that it makes a good joke (always important) and that in a more serious way predicting the possible future may make you think about it a little more while there’s still time to affect things. All together I do believe that there’s plenty of good and responsible people in Washington who actually have the country’s best interest (the people) in mind rather than narrow special interest (the corporations… the narrow ass ones I mean) and who are working hard to make a difference in a very difficult environment of contradicting special interest. Yes I’m taking the side of the reasonable “politicians” from relatively sane districts (few in the south where the angry gene has taken hold) rather than the 24-7-for profit- news-entertainment cable media (left or right) as they tend to omit most of the details that make the debate sane (reasonable and that for boring). Lots of what we hear through the cable news is many times distorted for effect (very easy to understand what but not very responsible if you ask me). Although there’s quite a difference in “degrees” of insanity and retardation between fox and MSNBC (and whatever else in between), ethically speaking (morally) I do not see that much of a difference.

What I’m getting at is that aside from all the noise something positive is going to come out of this debate that will advance and mature us as a nation in the long run. The kudos go to those “real Americans” who had the vision and mustered the energy to put it forward and fight for change and to those who fight for the details to make it better. Democracy works mostly because in some ways it allows the ones in the receiving end to vent while living in the hope that they will be the ones dishing it out next time. Sure things are more confusing, difficult and messy in a democracy but in the end of the day even though its not the best it is the best we have and something progressive and positive is going to come out of it… no one is going to be entirely happy of course but in the long run it is all going to be substantially worth it as a whole. Now what do you think?

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